Buying A Wedding Dress? 4 Shopping Tips To Make Things Smoother

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Buying A Wedding Dress? 4 Shopping Tips To Make Things Smoother

12 December 2018
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So, are you ready to hit the ground running and mark one thing off of your wedding to-do list? When it comes to shopping for your wedding gown, there are a few things that you will want to keep in mind.

Tip #1: Make Sure to Have a Price in Mind

While it can be exciting to try on wedding gowns, there is no sense in wasting time trying on dresses that are completely out of your price range. So, before you head to the wedding dress boutique, make sure that you have taken time to pin point a price range that you can afford. This will ensure that you spend quality time zeroing in on dresses that you can actually afford. Just don't forget that your budget should include the dress, taxes, potential shipping, and alterations. Oh, and don't forget about your veil, lingerie, shoes, and jewelry, too—unless you have a separate budget for those things!

Tip #2: Get Started Early

Don't wait until the last minute to start looking for your gown; you need to begin this process early—like six to 10 months before the bid day. You likely won't find your gown the first day that you go shopping, so you need to give yourself plenty of time to find the perfect wedding dress. Plus, there needs to be time for alterations.

Tip #3: Go Shopping at the Right Time

While you may be off on the weekends, shopping on a Saturday afternoon is actually the worst time for you to try to find your dream gown. Think about it: most people are off the weekends, which means they are going to go shopping at this time. So, consider trying to take off early during the week and head to the wedding dress boutique then when it is less likely to be so crowded. This will offer you a more personalized experience.

If you have found out about a sale at the boutique, avoid going that first day, but you also don't want to go the last day when everything may be picked over. Try to pick a day in the middle of the sale.

Tip #4: Take Your Accessories with You

If you have already purchased some accessories for your big day, make sure to take them with you when you go to buy a dress. The last thing that you want is for them to clash with one another. This includes anything from shoes and undergarments to jewelry and the veil.

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