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Creating the Wedding of Your Dreams

After finding the one person that you want to spend the rest of your life with, you might be nervous about planning those nuptials. What if you don't get those colors quite right? What if your guests don't like the food that you pick? I have been in the same boat myself, which is why I decided to create a blog completely dedicated to planning weddings. On this blog, you will find helpful articles on every topic from decor to choosing the right food. You never know what you will find, but reading other suggestions might spark a new idea that can make your special day even more beautiful.


3 Simple Ways To Save Money On A Venue When Getting Married

19 April 2019
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One of the most expensive parts of most weddings is the cost of the venue itself. There is no set rule where you have to get married or hold your reception. You can lower the cost of your wedding venue by staying away from Saturday weddings, sticking to one venue, and looking for venues that offer wedding packages. #1 Stay Away from a Saturday Wedding Reduce the cost of renting a wedding venue by avoiding a Saturday wedding. Read More …

Buying A Wedding Dress? 4 Shopping Tips To Make Things Smoother

12 December 2018
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So, are you ready to hit the ground running and mark one thing off of your wedding to-do list? When it comes to shopping for your wedding gown, there are a few things that you will want to keep in mind. Tip #1: Make Sure to Have a Price in Mind While it can be exciting to try on wedding gowns, there is no sense in wasting time trying on dresses that are completely out of your price range. Read More …

Ideas For Finding An Alternative Wedding Venue In Your Local Area

16 July 2018
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If you and your fiance don't want a traditional church wedding and the thought of getting married in a park brings back bad memories of boring family reunions you were forced to attend as a child, then you will be pleased to know there are many other options. In fact, some of the best wedding venues are those that are unique and relate in some way to your relationship. By thinking outside of the box, you can host your wedding somewhere friends and family will want to use for years to come. Read More …

2 Ways To Save Money On A Wedding Venue

31 January 2018
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One of the costliest parts of planning a wedding is renting a wedding venue. Here are two ways to save money on a wedding venue. Find A Venue That Lets You Use Any Service Providers A major way to save money on the wedding venue is to find one that lets you use any service providers that you like. This is very important because the cost of the wedding venue can often get so much higher when you factor in that some venues will require you to use their florists, their DJs, and their caterers. Read More …

2 Things You Need To Know About Timing & Wedding Invitations

18 November 2017
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If you have recently become engaged, as soon as you set the date, you need to start thinking about invitations. Ideally, you should have enough time to send out save the date cards and then wedding invitations. Save The Date Save the date cards have become very popular due to how useful they are. If you plan on getting married somewhere that will require guests to arrange for travel, sending out save the date cards is a great way to give guests time to save up for your wedding and get the appropriate time off. Read More …