Top 4 Tips To Consider When Purchasing Baby Baptism Dresses

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Top 4 Tips To Consider When Purchasing Baby Baptism Dresses

9 December 2016
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Soon after your baby is born, you can celebrate with your church community by organizing a baptism. Dressing your baby for this event is exciting, although you may not know where to start when it comes to finding the perfect baby baptism dress. Below are a few tips that will help you with this task. 

Consider the Fabric

While there are quite a number of different fabric options to consider, there are three main types that produce beautiful christening gowns. Silk is the first fabric that you'll want to look at because of its shine and its luxurious feel. Not only will the baby look stunning in silk, but parents will also discover that draping a dress made from this fabric for pictures is a cinch. Cotton is the second most common fabric when it comes to baptism dresses. Your baby will appreciate how comfortable the cotton is on his or her skin and you'll appreciate how easy the dress is to clean and store for your next baby. The third fabric is organza. Organza is best known for being sturdy and breathable. The only downside is that it doesn't store well, as it has a tendency to yellow over time.  

Decide on a Dress or a Christening Suit

Both boys and girls wear baby baptism dresses, however, parents of little boys have a second option available to them. Christening suits come in different styles. You may opt for a simple white one-piece with a folded collar, or one that resembles a five-piece white tuxedo. If you'd rather not stick with an all-white gown, you can opt for a christening suit that incorporates a little gray or a light blue.

Don't Forget a Few Accessories

There are a few items that really add to the look of the baptism dresses. Start off selecting a white pair of socks. There are socks that are plain and socks that fold over to reveal a lace rim. Next, add a pair of baby shoes. You can buy a pair made of satin with a cross embroidered on the front, or a pair with an adjustable strap that has the baby's name written across it. Finally, you'll want to add a bonnet, or some type of head covering. Little girls would look especially cute in a matching headband.  

Use a Preservation Storage Box

Should you plan on saving the christening gown, you'll want to obtain a preservation storage box at the same time as you buy the dress. These types of boxes are acid-free and typically come with a muslin bag for you to carefully place the dress in after the baptism has taken place. Some even have a viewing window so there's no need to open up the box to see what's in it.