Considerations For Choosing A Reception Location For A Tropical Wedding

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Considerations For Choosing A Reception Location For A Tropical Wedding

26 September 2016
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If you're planning a wedding in a tropical coastal area, you need to be selective about where you plan to host your event. Before you opt for an open-air facility or a tent on the beach, you should give some thought to the features and benefits you really want from your reception location or banquet hall. Here are a few things to consider when you're celebrating in a hot coastal area.

Temperature Control

When you opt for an enclosed facility for your reception, you'll have the ability to regulate the temperature in the space. This is ideal in tropical areas where the temperatures and humidity levels can be quite high. If you want your guests to be able to celebrate without fear of being overwhelmed by heat, an enclosed facility is the way to go.

Weather Protection

Depending on the season when you're getting married, the weather in tropical areas can be quite unpredictable. If you're concerned about the chances of afternoon showers or other inclement weather, look to a local banquet hall or other facility instead. The shelter protects against pop-up rain showers ruining the day.

Space To Change

When you opt for a banquet hall or reception facility, you'll have a room available where you can change into something more comfortable for the party. If you have a reception dress and flats, you'll want this. Many brides opt for something like this for simplicity, but if you're outside, it's more challenging to do.

Ease of Catering

When you're talking about wedding reception catering, you need to think about things like wedding cake maintenance. The buttercream and fondant typically used on a wedding cake will not hold up well to heat and humidity, so hosting your event indoors where it can be kept cooler with air conditioning can help keep your cake in good condition. It also makes it easier for your caterers to get food out to you and your guests without any concerns about wind and sand.

Stability Of The Decorations

It's a lot harder to maintain the decorations for the reception when you put them up outside. The humidity and the ocean breeze can blow things around and wreak havoc. Not to mention, you'll need additional supplies to ensure that the decorations are as stable as you can get them.

Favors are an equal challenge. You don't want to worry about wind blowing small wedding favors around after you've put them in place for the guests. Eliminating the wind ensures that every guest enjoys the presentation you had in mind when they arrive at their seat.

With the information here, you can see why it's often preferred to host an indoor wedding reception when you're getting married in a tropical or coastal environment. Check out the local banquet hall today to see what kind of reception package you can book.