Why You Should Choose to Hold Your Wedding and Reception on a Boat

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Why You Should Choose to Hold Your Wedding and Reception on a Boat

18 February 2016
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Are you in the middle of planning a spring or summer wedding? Are you still at a loss as to the perfect place for either the ceremony or the reception? Picking the best venue for your wedding can be a challenge as you try to find just the right combination of factors. Here are some reasons why you should consider renting a wedding boat:

Cleaner than the beach: Beach weddings are widely considered to be extremely romantic. Unfortunately, the reality may be much different from what you expected. Sand is well-known for getting just about everywhere, potentially causing discomfort to even the most casually dressed wedding attendee. If the wind picks up, sand will be blown into the face and hair of everyone on the beach. Instead of fully joining you and your new spouse in the festivities, many of your guests may be distracted and start to wish that they had not decided to attend your wedding. But with a wedding boat, you can get many of the same views—without the sand. Your guests will be able to wear whatever they want to your wedding, without worrying about whether it'll be too casual or if it'll get dirty or damaged by the sand. 

Changing scenery: Although you might choose to remain docked, one of the best features of choosing a wedding boat is having it sail along the coastline. Instead of being stuck with one view, as at a traditional reception hall, your party can have a different view each time your guests look overboard. You can also ask your music provider to change tunes based on where the boat is. For example, if the boat is going past a forest, you might request that the music be softer and less energetic than when the city is the nearest feature on the shoreline. 

Finite party length: Do you have friends or relatives who have a tendency to stay past their welcome? While you could simply not invite them to your wedding, a wedding boat may be just the answer you seek. Unlike a traditional wedding party, a boat can have a physical signal that it's time for the party to begin or end. Even if you opt not to have the boat actually sail anywhere, you can ask the crew to draw up the gangway while your reception is on. When it's time for your reception to end, putting the gangway back down again will help to remind your guests that the party is over and it's time to leave.