Three Reasons Why You Should "Go All In" When You Get Married In Las Vegas

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Three Reasons Why You Should "Go All In" When You Get Married In Las Vegas

3 February 2016
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If you are already in Las Vegas and thinking about taking the matrimonial leap, consider purchasing a complete wedding package. If you would play the tables there and bet all you have, why would you not take a gamble and "go all in" for a wedding package? Here are three reasons why a full wedding package is the right option when you want to get married in Vegas.

The DVD of Your Ceremony

It is not uncommon for couples to be a little tipsy when they get spontaneously wed in Las Vegas. If you and your soon-to-be spouse choose the full package, you will get a DVD of the entire ceremony, something that clearly proves that the two of you are legally married (in case one of you questions that it ever happened when you wake up the next day). Many wedding chapels will check with both partners to make sure they are sober enough to make the decision to get married, but that does not mean that the occasional prank marriage is not allowed. Either way, the DVD will clarify what really happened the night before and/or become a prized souvenir of your wedding in Vegas.

Photographs That Simulate Marriage in Exotic and Foreign Locations

If you cannot get married in Paris, France or in Rome by the Coliseum, then get married in Vegas. Nowhere else in the world can you find these iconic places and structures altogether than in Las Vegas. Better still, you can have your photos taken next to or in front of these duplicate icons in Vegas and then you can tell friends and family that you married in another country or honeymooned there (and nobody is the wiser). The photography included in the full wedding package is extensive, although you can get fewer photos if you want a less expensive package.

None of the Wedding Planning, All of the Ceremony and Fun

For less than the cost of two nights' stay at the most expensive hotels in Vegas, your "all in" wedding package includes all of the little extras that you would normally have to plan yourself. The beauty of it is, you do not have to do a chip's worth of the planning or execution. It is all done for you, on the spot at the wedding chapel of your choice. Someone brings in your bouquets and flowers, another person brings the music, and another conducts the videography and photography while the minister performs the ceremony. After you sign the wedding license, some chapels will even give you the honeymoon suite at a local hotel, plus a few coins or chips to play on the tables. It is all of the fun and none of the usual wedding planning hassles. Visit for more information.